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Capitalism Aggressive, At Its Best

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Capitalism Aggressive, At Its Best
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Capitalism Aggressive, At Its Best

by David Susswein


the sales are at the pitmine

the sales are in the minds of the working class

told to work for dignity

the sales are in the cleaner

scrubbing floors her betters have dirtied


the sales are in the minds of men chained

to the job like slaves

the sales are in the minds of women

trying to breathe life into a family

that can never take breath


the sales are in mass manufacture of plastic wastes,

the sales are in pharmaceutical drugs sold at the highest price

the sales are in fund managers ripping companies open,

gutting the flesh and the workers' therein


the sales are in raping our worth as people

the sales are in reducing our lives to numbers

to crunch in a fucking program.


leaving the sales as high millions in dollars

and lives in millions, worthless.


Staff and sub-contractors working for failed North East civil engineering group Owen Pugh will go empty-handed from the firm's administration, while its bank and an investment group will each lose more than £1m.An administrators' report into the failed firm reveals that global bank HSBC was owed £5.66m at the time, and will lose at least £1m of that debt. The figure is revealed in a progress report by joint administrators at Grant Thornton, which was called in last year when the construction specialist collapsed amid cash flow issues.More than 250 Jobs were lost when the Dudley-based business folded last October owing almost £7.6m to creditors, including North East firms.

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David Susswein

David Susswein writes from the bottom of England, in a town called Eastbourne.