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The Tory Cake

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The Tory Cake
by Banksy

The Tory Cake

by Robert Phoenix

For the Tory cake add 8 pounds of the finest flour
for the landed gentry
And 2 pounds of sugar for the corporate rich bastards
For the exploited working-class cake
add 4 pounds of wood shavings and some floor dust
and a tiny thimble full of sugar for the downtrodden poor

To the Tory cake add 3 pounds of fresh fruit
for the capitalistic avaricious and entitled elite
and 4 eggs for the privately educated financially advantaged ruling class
To the homeless cake add one small discarded rotting apple for the underclass scum
and one stale egg for the socially engineered to be inferior proletariat

Let the posh Tory Toffs eat their lovely cake
with champagne next to a warm blazing fire
So that they can celebrate their own self-righteous and pompous haughtiness
Let the poor take their foul tasting bilge splodge
and may they be eternally grateful
as they bow down in silent deference and eat what they truly deserve
In the cold dank rooms of a their rundown hovels

The General Election 2019 - The establishment, aided by the corrupt mass media, got the result they wanted. They took this beautiful idea of redistribution of wealth, compassion and caring for each other, community, mutual aid and hope for a better future for all of us. And they clubbed it to death with a Tory hammer made of money, entitled elite power lust, dog-eat-dog rat-race materialism and sadistic subjugation of the common people. So that the capitalist machine can grind on and on...Profit before people. Profit before the planet.

Stay strong and defiant, regroup and prepare to fight on !

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix is a spoken word artist/front person of performance group Anarchy Dada, based in Hull.