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CETA! The EU-Canada Free Trade Agreement

by Pete Mullineaux

Oh did you see, wasn’t it only gorgeous! The Government’s new baby,
born out of dream wedlock, the ménage à trois – and there’s a whisper
Canada had something to do with it too – oh it’s all free love now, no
boundaries – the real deal! And the proud parents, passing it between
themselves (at a safe distance of course) never minding the begrudgers,
jealous that’s all! Now we’re back in business, soon the dashing dads
will be out pushing their prams, with Mr Green too along for the spin,
old chassis newly shined and neatly aligned, all reluctant lovers’ tiffs
forgotten. We’re motoring, it’s been an uphill climb...but from now on
downhill all the way, (don’t worry: with a solid grip on the handlebar
and minding the descending steps, we’ve all seen that movie!)

Ah, but the truth is most of us didn’t get a proper gawk – it all happened
so fast, few got a chance to feel the weight, give it a rock – but someone
with a better angle over on the other side had a good peek – and there’s
talk that poking out its head out from the swaddling, it looked to be an ugly
brute, a right little emperor, big bony gums that once latched on will surely
never let go, suck us all dry – bawl the house down if it loses its soother,
doesn’t get exactly what it wants.

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Pete Mullineaux

Pete Mullineaux teaches global issues in schools in Galway, through poetry and drama.

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