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Have a Joycesome Bloomsday!

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Have a Joycesome Bloomsday!

Bloomsday 2022

by David Betteridge, with image by William Murphy

Dear language-king,
you crafted sovereign treasures
that we glutton readers crave.
Dire digger in the rib of too-too-solid, sullied flesh,
thanks for the blessings and the bliss
your mintings gave.
Unflaggingly, your Yes-wells

Wharnow are alle your brainbairns, say?
Not gone to Kingdoom come, thank Gud!
think Gutenberg! but no,
few fadoms down, where een-one goes,
there, in Joycesome mined, full-lexiconed,
they gab and grow.

Ex-centric and rebellious son,
you split the etyms of our Umpire's tongue,
and loosed on us

                  your lovely Merrydance and Meaningsong:

They gyre their gear's gimble
through funs fair and nimble,
crying factions and fictions,
believe, be live, O!
crying rusings and raising,
be kind, be care, O!

Joyce, your words, sonorous
in Space-Time, sing and ring.

Kind cosmos-maker, earth-quaker,
you put a blessing and a Bloom
on everything.

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David Betteridge

David Betteridge is the author of a collection of poems celebrating Glasgow and its radical traditions, 'Granny Albyn's Complaint', published by Smokestack Books in 2008. He is also the editor of a compilation of poems, songs, prose memoirs, photographs and cartoons celebrating the 1971-2 UCS work-in on Clydeside. This book, called 'A Rose Loupt Oot', was published by Smokestack Books in 2011.