Al Nakba: Disaster
Monday, 29 November 2021 15:10

Al Nakba: Disaster

Published in Visual Arts

Adam Shehada introduces one of his artworks.

This drawing is called Al Nakba, which is the Arabic for Disaster. I drew it from a photograph, using pencil and charcoals on paper,

My intention is to express the long history of steadfastness and suffering implied in the old Palestinian woman's wrinkles, and to show us that the Palestinian cause can never die. Our cause is reborn with every newborn child, whose parents and grandparents will protect him or her and transmit the story and passion for this land to them.

This artwork is part of a historical sequence of artworks depicting the suffering that started at the time this photograph was taken, in 1948, when Zionist groups invaded Palestine to try and destroy its existence.

The drawing a part of the artist's debut collection 'Inextinguishable Suns' which will soon be going on international exhibition. Adam's blog is here.



Let Me Tell You About Them
Monday, 29 November 2021 15:10

Let Me Tell You About Them

Published in Poetry

Let Me Tell You About Them

by Kevin Higgins

The teenagers we shot yesterday
were shot responsibly through the eye
with plain-speaking dum-dum bullets,
manufactured in Fife, or taken down
with SR 25 sniper rifles flown
heroically in from Orange County.
Many of these so-called protestors
specifically arranged to be shot in the back,
just to make us look bad.

The gas canisters our people threw
were entirely rational, and legal,
like the Boer firestorm the kaffirs
brought down on themselves at Sharpeville,
or the best-of-British ambush
that rubbish walked into at Derry.

The one rogue canister which lost
its mind and finished up in a tent
beside an eight month old baby,
who, sadly, also expired, is currently under investigation
and expects to be cleared of all wrong doing,
unlike the baby who we’ve already found guilty.

There is no such thing as Palestinians.
Just some Arabs who used to live here
and think they still do.
The keys they wave in the air
no longer open any doors.
They are a rumour you foolishly believed,
now we’ve moved our eternal capital
to what used to be
their front room.