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Portrait of Robert Burns (after Skirving)
Portrait of Robert Burns (after Skirving)
Calum Colvin/ Luath Press


Scroll back from the cosmos,
To inner space.
The mind's micro-structure
Nanoscientists mind-mapping
The brain's hundred billion neurons,
Its thousand trillion connections,
Processing 0.1 quadrillion thoughts per second.
Vastly more sophisticated
Than any computer.
What causes that leap
Across the synapse?
The spark between Creator and Man?
That lets the poet contemplate the rose –
And move the human heart.

Thanks to Rab Wilson, Calum Colvin and Luath Press. Burnsiana, a brilliant fusion of art and poetry, is published by Luath Press,
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Rab Wilson

Rab Wilson is a Scottish poet who writes mainly in the Scots language. His works include a Scots translation of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. His latest collection is Zero Hours.

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