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Titanic Featured

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by Salena Godden

I used to love the film Titanic
The last 45 minutes or so
After the sex scene in the car
When the sea water starts to flow

The sinking ship
All slopping and swaying
The band how they
Bravely keep on playing

A man dressing up
As a girly waif
To hide in a boat
And get himself safe

The human catastrophe
The chaos, panic and drama
I used to love that film,
Titanic, all the melodrama

But now it just looks
Like the Channel 4 news
People grabbing for life jackets
No coats and no shoes

Now I'm just reminded
Of the plight of refugees
All those humans drowning
In the open seas

People hungry and cold
In overcrowded boats
Crying for help
With salt-burned throats

There's a Syrian Leo
And Kate the Kurd
I used to like Titanic
But now it looks absurd

And My love will go on
Is such a truly terrible song
I used to like Titanic
But no, never Celine Dion.


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Salena Godden

Salena Godden has been described as ‘The doyenne of the spoken word scene’ (Ian McMillan, BBC Radio 3’s The Verb); ‘The Mae West madam of the salon’ (The Sunday Times) and as ‘everything the Daily Mail is terrified of’ (Kerrang! Magazine). She is also the lead singer and lyricist of SaltPeter, alongside composer Peter Coyte.