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National Poetry Day: In Union

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National Poetry Day: In Union

In Union

by Sally Flint

i.m. Bob Crow

Born in reach of the London Mint
he watched men make money –

got to know the value of working days
as families were transported from slums

and shared bathrooms to fields
and forests which seemed the other side

of the world. Coming home was the only way.
His grandfather, a prize fighter, taught him how

to punch, to use weight. Life can be made better.
Share the wine whether communist,

libertarian, socialist. Those who shook
his hand believed it to be both strong

and soft – that the best connections
are rooted in truth.

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Sally Flint

Sally Flint lectures in creative writing and co-edits Riptide Journal at the University of Exeter, and is a tutor with The Poetry School.