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Irish TV Election Debate

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Irish TV Election Debate

Irish TV Election Debate

by Pete Mullineaux

I’m rooting for the left – but how to unite the red and green?
I think on back to those once separated Luas lines: two sets
of track, having avoided one another, awaiting final linkage –
how we felt under attack, railed against the slow lament of inch
by inch, flinch by flinch at grating metal, splintering block, as
kerbs and pathways re-aligned like nouns and verbs of a changing
language – I remember slipping inside a city-centre bookshop for
peace and quiet and a different mode of transportation, a carriage
of the mind; leafed through some pages on 1916 (when trams were
the future!) thought about those dual-colour glasses we wore once
upon a time at 3D movies, where green and red merged to construct
a single vision – and yes, perhaps some genius will yet see a way
of joining up the dots – allow easy flow from green to red, and red
to green, (incorporate the wearing of The Green!) – have Merrion
Square, the scenic expanse of Phoenix Park, link arms with Tallaght
and Finglas dark – make cycle lanes and welfare claims rhyme.

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Pete Mullineaux

Pete Mullineaux teaches global issues in schools in Galway, through poetry and drama.