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Britannia's Fair

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Britannia's Fair

Britannia's Fair

by David Betteridge

Thou art none of mine, Brother Lazarus,
That lies begging at my gate...Dives and Lazarus (Traditional)

Hey ho!
Come to our fair!
We’ll sell you bonds,
we’ll sell you bombs,
we’ll sell you everything.
What harm we do
we do not care.
Hey ho!
Up Britannia!

Who would true squalor see,
Let them come hither.
You here will gobsmacked be.
All good things wither.

Spin-doctor nor Press friend
can cover up these dealers’ shit.
We know they in the end
Should Hell inhabit.

Hey ho!
Haste to our fair!
Sell us your souls;
we’re keen to buy.
What voids we leave
we do not care -
so Britannia’s dealers cry.

Profit and loss
we always share.
The poor take the loss;
we take what’s left -
which is only fair.
Go compare!

Hey ho!
Invest in our fair!
Help save Britannia!
Please, we know you care.

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David Betteridge

David Betteridge is the author of a collection of poems celebrating Glasgow and its radical traditions, 'Granny Albyn's Complaint', published by Smokestack Books in 2008. He is also the editor of a compilation of poems, songs, prose memoirs, photographs and cartoons celebrating the 1971-2 UCS work-in on Clydeside. This book, called 'A Rose Loupt Oot', was published by Smokestack Books in 2011.