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by Julie Easley

imagine you had just crossed the sea
crashed out of the waves
fell down onto your knees

imagine your kids strapped to your sides
their lives wrapped in plastic,
snapped and tagged for all the front pages

imagine that journey, the swell of fear
in your mind, the relief of the sand
as your feet hit the ground

imagine being met by military might
their strength and power transposed onto you
imagine being met by all that force

imagine the drowning of your spirit
no helping hands to keep you afloat
imagine that danger, your desperation

imagine the spectacle of media
transmission is live on the 6 o’clock news
the taunting of your torment in full public view

imagine if none of this were true

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Julie Easley

Julie Easley is a widely published working-class poet, a Tees Women Poet, and host of DiVerse poetry.

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