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Al Nakba: Disaster

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Al Nakba: Disaster

Adam Shehada introduces one of his artworks.

This drawing is called Al Nakba, which is the Arabic for Disaster. I drew it from a photograph, using pencil and charcoals on paper,

My intention is to express the long history of steadfastness and suffering implied in the old Palestinian woman's wrinkles, and to show us that the Palestinian cause can never die. Our cause is reborn with every newborn child, whose parents and grandparents will protect him or her and transmit the story and passion for this land to them.

This artwork is part of a historical sequence of artworks depicting the suffering that started at the time this photograph was taken, in 1948, when Zionist groups invaded Palestine to try and destroy its existence.

The drawing a part of the artist's debut collection 'Inextinguishable Suns' which will soon be going on international exhibition. Adam's blog is here.



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Adam Shehada

Adam Shehada is a hyperrealistic pencil artist based in Gaza.

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