Catherine Graham

Catherine Graham

Catherine Graham's work has appeared in magazines and anthologies in the UK, USA and Ireland. Her first full collection, Things I Will Put In My Mother's Pocket, is published by Indigo Dreams Publishing (2013.

A protest march
Friday, 29 April 2016 10:08

A protest march

Published in Poetry

A Protest March

after the painting by L. S. Lowry, 1959


Get out of the road, dogs!

They're coming, marching

but this lot aren’t from

the factories, they're too

well dressed, too high

and mighty to carry banners.

They’re obviously in ranks,

big knobs first. One or two

women add a token red

to the black and grey prism.

But why my street? Why

not take the scenic route

instead? Scenic my arse.

They just want us to see

power on the move. This

is no protest, more a march.

Not a sound from neighbours

as they stand still and watch.

The men bow their heads,

one man stands erect!

Silly buggers, it’s politics

not a bloody funeral march.


Taken from the forthcoming pamphlet Like A Fish Out Of Batter, Poems after L. S. Lowry (Indigo Dreams Publishing), where Catherine gives voice to the people in Lowry's paintings.