Harry Gallagher

Harry Gallagher

Harry Gallagher’s poetry has had several books and pamphlets published, and his next full collection - ‘there is an england’ - is imminent from Stairwell Books.

In solidarity with the people: Endgame
Friday, 09 December 2022 08:57

In solidarity with the people: Endgame

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by Harry Gallagher

In Westminster they’re bailing,
having emptied out the larder,
the pinstripe boys limp away,
having somewhat cooled their ardour.
Hard times are here
And they’re only getting harder.

Thomas The Tank Engine
is out on strike again,
Postman Pat’s received a letter
telling him to retrain
while the nurses mop up the mess
as we all swill down the drain.

There are pages burnt and missing
from their book The Art Of Zen,
as they sit us all in rows
and count from one to ten.
Endgame is coming,
it’s just a question of when.