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Type K individuals

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Type K individuals

Type K individuals

by Liz McPherson

No women in the Long Room
never mind the board room,
no place for black skin or brown skin –
you have to be Caucasian.
Don't try to change it, don't dare to complain,
so should we still call it a 'gentleman's game'?
Yes, as long as you're privileged, have plenty of dough,
as long as your skin is whiter than snow,
There's plenty of joking but it's jolly good fun,
as long as you're male, not a (god forbid) 'woman'.
So, beware if your income is less than a million,
you won't be allowed in the sacred pavilion.
It's a bastion of privilege, racist and sexist,
but what do you expect from a load of old Brexits?

Author's Note
In it, it is stated that The Independent Commission for Equity in Cricket's report references "the older white male constituency" (or "Type K individuals", as the report so deliciously categorises them)".
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Liz McPherson

Liz McPherson lives in West Yorkshire and works for an educational charity in inner city Bradford.

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